Google Releasing Chromecast SDK In December

Google’s Chromecast streaming device struck a chord with consumers this summer when it debuted, with the company selling out of the $35 device within days. The company is about to turn things up a notch by soon releasing the official Chromecast SDK (called the “Google Cast SDK”).

According to some developers who have shared their invitations, Google is hosting a two-day hackathon at the Googleplex on December 7-8 so developers can “test-drive the upcoming release of the Google Cast SDK”. Google engineers will be there to show off changes to the developer preview and discuss best practices.

Google Chromecast

Although Chromecast apps are more of a feature to add rather than standalone apps, having a full-fledged SDK should quickly bolster innovation for the little device.

Google hasn’t made official the date for the SDK, but if the hackathon is any indication, the release date should be soon.