Google Releases Android 3.2 SDK To The Masses

Android 3.2 isn't unheard; the OS was first introduced with the MediaPad tablet a few weeks back, and a few days ago, the Motorola Xoom started receiving the update. But it's been a mostly quiet release. Google has just released new details on what exactly v3.2 adds to the Honeycomb mix, and more importantly, they've released the updated SDK tools for developers to start taking full advantage.

Google calls this an incremental update, which adds "several new capabilities for users and developers," and the API is now up to level 13. Included in the new release? Optimizations for a wider range of tablets, Compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps, Media sync from SD card, and Extended screen support API.

With this out in the open, we suspect more and more tablets will see the v3.2 update slide down shortly, and hopefully new app updates will be taking advantage of it. Any devs out there given this a whirl?