Google Project Fi Wireless Services Expand To Include Family Plans

Google's making it easier to try out its potentially game changing Project Fi smartphone wireless service by now allowing you to sign up for a group plan. Previously the service was only available to individuals, which meant juggling multiple accounts if you wanted to get the whole family on board, but now you can have up to half a dozen people on a single plan.

They don't have to be immediate family members, either. Heck, they don't even have to be related. Google is dropping any pretenses that people won't end up sharing a group plan with friends and co-workers, so feel free to add anyone you want to your account. Of course, as the primary account holder you're on the hook for their data usage, which runs $10 per gigabyte. To help with that, you can monitor each member's data usage, be notified when a certain amount of data is used, and even set monthly data allowances per member.

Project Fi Group

"With Project Fi’s group plan, we put plan owners and members in control of their data. Members can easily view their own data usage from the Project Fi app, and managers can view usage per member. No more guessing how much data each person used!," Google stated in a blog post announcing the new group plan.

Otherwise Project Fi works with groups just as it does with individuals, only it's a little cheaper. Project Fi runs $20 per month, not including data, while each additional line (up to five more) are each $15 per month. That's a $5 discount per line. So for a family of four, you're looking at $65 per month plus $10 per gigabyte, the latter of which is only charged when consuming data on a cellular network.

Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL handsets are both compatible with Project Fi. They run $649 each, or $27.04 per month. Alternately, you can use the Nexus 6P ($399, or $16.62 per month) or Nexus 5X ($199, or $8.29 per month) with Project Fi, both of which represent discounted rates when bought and activated through Project Fi.

You can learn more about and sign up for Project Fi here.