Google's Project Fi Expands To Include Data-Only Nexus Tablets, Apple iPads

google fi banner
If you thought that Google’s Project Fi Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service was good before, things just got a little bit better today -- the company has announced data-only support for some of the most popular tablets available.

Customers who are already signed up for Project Fi will be able to order a data-only SIM (up to nine can be ordered from Google) and insert it into their tablet to gain wireless service. If you haven’t already signed up for Project Fi, you’ll have to request an invite and get in line like everyone else.

Like the Project Fi for smartphones, you’ll be charged a simple flat rate of $10 per gigabyte for the data you use. And since you only pay for what you use, you get a credit for unused data at the end of your billing cycle (i.e., if you use 6GB of data during your billing cycle, you’ll receive a credit for $4). Another bonus is that you don’t have a to pay a per-device fee to access the Internet on your tablet — this is something that the major wireless carriers all tack on to your monthly bill.

nexus 9

The following devices have been certified to work with Project Fi:

  • Nexus 7 - K009 (US LTE)
  • Nexus 9 - 0P82300 (US LTE)
  • iPad Air 2 - Model A1567
  • iPad mini 4 - Model A1550
  • Galaxy Tab S - Model SM-T807V

Google notes that the data-only SIM should work with any device that supports T-Mobile’s wireless bands. However, unlike the slick Sprint-to-T-Mobile (and back again) network hopping available for smartphones, only T-Mobile wireless service is supported with data-only SIMs.

“As the number and variety of connected devices continues to grow, so should the number of wireless options,” said Google Fi Senior Project Manager Laura Holmes. “We’ll continue to experiment with creative ways to make accessing wireless from your connected device as easy as connecting with your phone.”