Google Prepares ‘Google Mine’ For Organizing and Sharing Your Stuff On G+

George Carlin said it best, we all "need a place to put our stuff." Carlin likened the entire meaning of life as just finding a place to put your stuff. Well it seems the folks at Google understand this age old wisdom as well and as such will be launching a new service.  Google Mine will soon be integrated with Google+ so that users can share their belongings with friends in circles they so designate.  The new service will also allow G+ users to "rate and review" items as well, so that anyone in your Google+ stream that you allow, can see the items and your opinion of them.  Reportedly there is also an Android app on the way for Mine, which seems like a natural of course, for sharing your stuff on the go.

Google Mine
Okay, so we're a little twitchy about all this but we'll let Google slide for now.  You'll still need your daily dose of HotHardware reviews here, for the bleeding-edge of technology, we know that.  Maybe you can instead share, rate and review things like your latest bird feeder acquisition, or that coveted World of Warcraft server you have in your personal technology museum?  Yeah, that's the ticket...

So, yeah, Google is now giving you a place to keep your stuff, so you can go out and get MORE stuff and get more comfortable with other people's stuff.