Google Posts Full Android Honeycomb Event Up on YouTube

Little things like work, money, and travel tend to get in the way of fun stuff. If that weren't the case, maybe you would have attended a Google event yesterday in which the search Goliath demonstrated its much anticipated Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system. We've seen some teaser videos of this potentially awesome OS before, but this is the first time Google has gone and gave an in-depth demo. Don't feel bad, we weren't in attendance either, but like you, we can watch the entire thing online.

That's right, Google went and posted a high quality video of the event -- all 52 minutes and 55 seconds of it -- to YouTube, which means you can catch it on your extended lunch break and still have time to use the restroom before resuming toiling for 'the man.'

Android 3.0, as you're probably aware, is the first version of Android built specifically with tablets in mind. If a next-gen Android tablet is to take on the iPad's dominance in the slate space, it will undoubtedly need to run this version (or a later revision) of the OS.

A lot is covered in the nearly 53-minute video, including a demonstration of Android 3.0 running on Motorola's upcoming Xoom tablet. Grab a drink, get cozy, and click play!