Google Play Highlights Tablet-Optimized Apps On Large-Scren Android Devices

For years now, pundits have slammed the Android ecosystem as a whole for being fairly lax with protocol as it relates to app apperances on tablets. By and large, iPad-specific apps look infinitely better than Android apps blown up on a tablet. Many devs simply don't bother to re-code their app for larger screen devices in the Android world, and the ecosystem as a whole has suffered because of it. It looks as if that may be changing, at long last. A new post on Google's Developers Blog highlights a few changes that'll hit the Play Store on 11/21.

Earlier this year, Google Play added a “designed for tablets” section, where users could easily discover apps that look great on their 7”- and 10”-tablets. Even still, it has remained buried for the most part, and many apps -- even flagship, top-tier apps -- still don't have an honest-to-goodness tablet version.

From Google: "On November 21, the Play Store will make a series of changes so it’s even easier for tablet users to find those apps that are best for their devices. First, by default, users browsing Google Play on a tablet will now see apps and games that are designed for tablets on the top lists (Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending). Tablet users will still be able to switch the view so they can see all apps or games if they choose. Also starting November 21, apps and games that do not meet the “designed for tablets” criteria will be marked as “designed for phones” for users who browse the Play Store on tablets."

That last part is critical; Google is going to calling start calling apps out if they aren't truly built for bigger screens, which could encourage devs to finally put some muscle into crafting a better looking app for slates. Google details the process of making sure your app (assuming you're a dev) is optimized properly, and hopefully it'll lead to greater enhancements across the board for Android users.