Google Play Music Update Adds Support of Offline SD Card Storage

Google is getting a bit predictable in the sense that when it releases a product or service, you can expect it will have potential but lack certain features to be rolled out over time. Google Play Music is no exception, though it is another blueprint of how Google goes about releasing a product or service. It took some time for Google to add iOS support after launching its all-you-consume All Access subscription, and now Google Play Music has a new trick up its sleeve.

The latest update -- version 5.3.1316 -- finally adds support for saving music to your mobile device's SD card, if it has one. You'll find the option in the Music Settings menu, which allows you to choose between internal or external storage. This feature is supported on Android 4.4 KitKat devices, though experimental support is being offered on some older devices (Google isn't saying which ones). This was a much needed feature update, as it's far too easy to burn through a phone's internal storage allotment, especially when it doesn't have much to begin with.

Google Play Music

In addition, Google added the ability to shuffle all songs from an artist in All Access, and also made it easy to share links of songs, artists, and albums to your favorite social networks. Beyond that, there isn't much to see, though the SD feature alone is worth the upgrade.