Google Play Gift Cards Now Official and Hitting Retail Soon

Android fans will be thrilled to learn that Google is finally getting on the ball with Google Play cards, which you'll soon be able to purchase in $10, $25, and $50 denominations. These are exactly as rumored last week, and now confirmed by Google.

"Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out Google Play gift cards in stores across the U.S. We’ve teamed up with Target, GameStop and RadioShack to offer $10, $25 and $50 Google Play gift cards, and will start offering them later this month," Google announced on its Google+ page.

Google Play Gift Cards

Android users can redeem Google Play gift card currency to purchase music, movies, books, apps, games and more (as stated right on the bottom of the cards). They're also good for in-app purchases. More importantly, it takes away an edge iTunes had over Google Play and, by extension, Android in general. It's a bit surprising it took Google this long to roll out gift cards, but hey, better late than never.