Google Play Celebrates 1st Birthday with Free Games

Believe it or not, it's already been a year since Google rolled out Google Play, a revamping (and renaming) of the Android Market. To celebrate the occasion, the happy-go-lucky folks at Mountain View are serving up party favors in the form of free games, in-game content, and other goodies.

"We've decided to give you some great gaming gifts for Google Play's 1st birthday! Each of these games has some custom content to get you into the celebratory spirit - something unique to Google Play," Google states on a special page promoting the store's first birthday. "You can soar through the skies as the iconic Android or enjoy some birthday cake that grants a special surprise in a fanciful role-playing game. Investigate mysterious visitors from beyond the stars, stand by your sorority sisters or go all-out building in an interactive sandbox. Explore, get some great deals and gifts and help us celebrate by having a blast. Get your gifts and get gaming."

Google Play Birthday

Google intends to celebrate all week long with various deals, including free books, free music, discounted movies and TV rentals, and other offers. Today there are a dozen special offers ranging from 50 percent savings for in-game content to free dowloadable characters.

Though Google Play is only a year old, Google's app store actually launched more than four years ago on October 23, 2008. It would later add books, magazines, movies, and TV shows to the mix, all of which are part of Google Play.