Google Plans To Update Android Market

Google's Android Market has grown tremendously and has surpassed the 200,000-application mark recently. With the vast number of applications available, however, it's becoming harder and harder for consumers to sort through these apps to find the best of the best.

Google understands this and has plans to help applications stand out in the crowd with a refresh to the Android Market. In the coming weeks, Android devices should receive an update to the Market. The web-based version will also get an update. On the Web-based Android Market, you'll see five new categories to help you sort through applications: Top Apps, Editor's Choice, Top Developers, Related Apps, and Trending Apps.

The Android Market application on handsets is getting overhauled. The current three-column view will be replaced with colorful panels that promote top apps and popular downloads. The new Android Market app will also let developers selectively target devices. In other words, developers will be able to hide their applications from devices with older versions of Android or form factors that won't work with their applications.