Google Plans Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express”

Google apparently isn’t going to be opening any brick and mortar stores anytime soon to compete with Apple and Microsoft on that front, and it appears as though that’s because the company isn’t interested in piddly local retail. Instead, the tech behemoth has its sights on a far greater retail prize by opening a same-day delivery service to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime.

TechCrunch reports that according to its sources, Google Shopping Express would beat Amazon Prime on the cost of the service to the tune of about $10-$15 a month, and the service would ensure same-day delivery from physical retail locations such as Walmart and Target.

Google Checkout
Image credit: TechCrunch

Such a paradigm is a win-win for Google and those retailers. Google needs a way to crack the retail business in a meaningful way, and short of going full-on Amazon or eBay, this is the best way to do that. For brick-and-mortar retailers, this arrangement offers a vector for keeping pace with online retailers while bolstering their own online offerings.

For consumers, the notion of enjoying same-day shipping is a dream that may be coming very true very soon.