Google Pixel 3 Priced From $799 According To Verizon Promo Leak

Pixel 2
At long last, Google is expected to finally unveil its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL handsets today, finally putting to rest all of the leaks, rumors, and speculation with official details. Before that happens, however, there is one more leak to talk about. Someone on Verizon's web team seems to have jumped the gun by publicly posting a promotional page for the Pixel 3.

We have not seen the promotional page for ourselves, as Verizon quickly yanked it offline. However, what happens on the internet stays on the internet, even when companies try to erase their tracks. In this case, images of the promo page have been captured and shared, and they reveal a $799.99 price tag for the 64GB model.

In addition, Verizon will be running a buy one, get one free offer, albeit the cost of the freebie phone will spread across 24 months.

"$799.99 device payment purchase per device req'd. 2nd phone: Less $799.99 promo credit applied to account over 24 mos; promo credit ends when balance paid or line terminated/transferred; 0 percent APR. Eligible on 64GB model. New line of service req'd," the promo page stated.

The way Verizon is constructing its BOGO offer is basically a two-year commitment. What's not entirely clear though is if the $799.99 price tag applies to the Pixel 3 or larger (and more expensive) Pixel 3 XL. We'll find out later today.

Over on Reddit, a user posted an image of another promotional page, one that was taken from the mobile My Verizon app. According to the image, users who pre-order a Pixel 3 through the app will get a wireless charging stand for free.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are expected to wield 5.5-inch and 6.2-inch displays, respectively, both powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor. Final specs, including RAM and storage, will be revealed today.

Thumbnail Image Source: Verizon via The Verge