Google Photos App Updated To Help Reclaim Valuable Free Space On Your Phone

Did you goof up by purchasing a smartphone with a measly amount of onboard storage? There are some costly solutions, like upgrading to a new device or adding a microSD memory card, assuming your phone has a microSD card slot (everyone point and snicker at the iPhone crowd). Or you can go the cheap route again and start deleting stuff. Heck, Google will even help you by removing photos you've already backed up to the cloud.

All those selfies, food shots, and other photos that littler social media tend to add up quick and consume a lot of storage. If you don't have a lot of storage to begin with, you might find yourself constantly deleting apps and sifting through photo and videos to rid your phone of ones that you've already backed up. That can be time consuming, though a new feature in Google Photos will make quick work of it.

Google Photos

"Today, we're making it easy to free up space on your phone, anytime you need. Just tap 'Free up space' in Settings, and Google Photos will remove device copies of your backed up photos and videos," Google explains in a Google+ post.

You can also configure Google Photos to keep track of your phone's storage automatically. If you do, you'll receive a notification when available storage runs low, along with a nudge to remove copies of backed up photos older than 30 days.

Google Photos Storage

The downside to not having local access to photos is that you can't view them without an Internet connection, but how often are you really in a dead zone? Otherwise, you'll still be able to view your backed up photos and videos when you're connected, both in the app and on the web.

To take advantage of this feature, you need to install the latest version on Android, which is version 1.9. The update will roll out to iOS soon.