First Year In Google Photos Chronicles 200 Million Users, 13.7 Petabytes Of Pics, 24 Billion Selfies

One thing that hasn't changed in recent times is that life's precious memories are still preserved in photos and videos. However, it's the media that's different now—instead of actual photographs stored in physical photo albums, it's now common to archive memorable moments in digital form. The widespread adoption of Google Photos underscores that transition.

It's been a year since Google introduced its Photos service, and in that short period of time it's amassed some 200 million monthly active users. Collectively all those users have uploaded a whopping 13.7 petabytes of digital data. To put that number if perspective, if you were to try and swipe through every photo, it would take you 424 years, Google said.

Google Photos Keyboard Shortcuts

Want some more fun numbers to digest? Try 2 trillion, which is the number of labels Google has automatically applied to uploaded photos. Out of those labels, 24 billion have been selfies—no surprise there given this generation's narcissistic fascination with digital cameras and services like Snapchat.

"One year ago, we introduced Google Photos. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in these short 12 months, it’s that time flies! That’s why creating a home for your memories matters. Google Photos is all about putting the special moments from the past at your fingertips," Google said.

Google Photos has a lot going for it, both for Android and iOS users. However, there are nuances to the service that you might not be aware of. In celebration of the service's one year anniversary, Google listed a series of tips. For example, if you press Shift-? when viewing Google Photos on the web, you'll see a list of keyboard shortcuts. And if you're looking for a specific photo, you can narrow your hunt by searching for multiple people at the same time, such as "Mom and Dad" or a person and a place ("Mom Yosemite"). You can even search by emoji.