Google Pays $1 After Losing Street View Case

It's not often that lawsuits end in $1 payouts, but that's what has happened with Google and a Pennsylvania couple. Back in 2008, Aaron and Christine Boring sued Google because a Street View car, which drives around takes 360-degree shots of street surroundings in order to show on Google Maps, invaded their privacy. According to the couple, the car didn't pay attention to a "Private Road; No Trespassing" sign, and they weren't too pleased.

After fighting back and forth for two years now, Google finally agreed to pay up. But the settlement is just $1! The couple said that they're glad to have this over with, and would've accepted a formal apology from the start. So why waste money on lawyers when you're only after $1? It's definitely a wild tale that we probably will never hear the full brunt of, but today Google is $1 poorer thanks to losing the case.

Said the couple: "That is one sweet dollar of vindication." To each his own, but that seems like a lot of hassle for a single buck!
Tags:  GPS, Google, Maps, Street View