Google Offers A Mother’s Day Tribute As Seen Through Glass

Is Google trying to gussy up the image of Glass, which for some odd reason many people find upsetting, with a touching video? Yes? Is Google exploiting Mother’s Day to do so? Yes. Do we care? No, and that’s partially because director Aneesh Chaganty shot the whole thing with Google Glass, and the result is an engaging bit of film called “Seeds”.

In a short video posted on the official Google Glass YouTube account, we see a young man pack his bags, say goodbye to a lovely young lady, and head off halfway across the world to visit his mother via a variety of planes, trains, and automobiles. (Also, at least one boat.)

Clearly, it was a surprise visit, and his mom is predictably overjoyed to see him. But then he shows her what’s in the envelope. We won’t spoil the ending, but we’re pretty sure there was maybe a lot of dust in the air or something when we watched it.

Also, don’t forget to call your mother tomorrow, folks.