Google Offers $80 In Rewards For Chromecast Purchases

As if the low asking price of $35 (and oftentimes lower due to sales) for Google's awesome Chromecast dongle isn't enough of a sales pitch, Google has decided to up the ante by offering up to $80 worth of additional incentives. All you have to do is buy and set up a Chromecast by April 19, 2015, and then click the "Redeem all offers" button on Google's website.

When you do that, Google will reward you with $80 worth of Google Play (musick and movies), Qello concerts, Sesame Street Go, and DramaFever goodies. We know what you're thinking -- you don't give a flying flip about Sesame Street Go, or maybe it's the Qellow concerts that will go to waste. No worries, rather than redeem all the overs, you can select just the ones you want. Here's a look.

Google Chromecast

  • Google Play Music: Redeem by January 31, 2016, to enjoy 90 days of unlimited music from Google Play.
  • DramaFever: Redeem by March 23, 2015, to enjoy 3 free months of DramaFever.
  • Qello Concerts: Redeem by April 19, 2015 to enjoy 30 days of Qello concerts for free (valid for new subscribers only).
  • Sesame Street Go: Redeem by April 19, 2015 to enjoy 3 months free Sesame Street Go (valid for new subscribers only).
  • DramaFever: Redeem by April 19, 2015 to get 3 free months of the newest blockbuster movies from Asia.
  • Google Play Movies: Redeem by April 19, 2015 to enjoy a movie rental for free.

We reviewed Chromecast not long after it came out two years and liked what it had to offer. It's only gotten better since then with support for a growing number of apps and services, more recently Showtime Anytime and Starz. Chromecast also recently gained the ability to work with your existing remote.

You can cash in on Google's $80 promotion by going here.