Google+ Now Second Largest Social Network after Facebook, Members Now Exceed Twitter

Remember all the “we don’t need another social network” griping when Google+ hit the scene in June of 2011? Fast forward to today and Google+ has 343 million users, making it second only to Facebook for social network size superiority, according to GlobalWebIndex.

GlobalWebIndex Chart For Social Networks
Social networks in millions of active users. Image credit: GlobalWebIndex

Of course, Google+ still hasn’t caught up to Facebook. GlobalWebIndex estimates that Facebook’s 1 billion user claims are likely pretty accurate, making it not just the biggest social network, but comfortably so. And Facebook appears to be growing faster than Google+, too (33% for active user growth last year, compared to 27% for Google+). Twitter is also growing steadily, with a 40% increase in active users last year, but its membership is only 288 million, putting it in the fourth slot, behind YouTube.