Google Now Gets Even Smarter, Particularly For Travelers

Google Now is getting even smarter. Widely viewed as, in many cases, superior to Siri, Google's own intelligent assistant has taken Jelly Bean owners by storm, offering them news and suggestions without them even needing to ask for it. Now, the product is seeing its first major update, and travelers are going to love it. Before you even leave your house, Google Now will tell you what the weather will be like at your destination, and at the airport, your boarding pass is automatically pulled up. For now, only United Airlines is supported, but Google promises that more are on the way. And once you've arrived at your destination, Google Now can help you uncover some great activities, by showing you events happening around you, suggesting websites for you to explore as you research things to do, or allowing you to learn more about specific pieces while you’re at a museum (using Google Goggles).

All of this builds on top of some of the other cards designed for travel, like the currency conversion, translation, and flight status cards. Moreover, Google's making Voice Search even more powerful: you can find out the name of the song that’s playing (“What’s this song?”), quickly find product info (“Scan this barcode”) and post updates to Google+ simply by using just your voice.

Just download the newest Google Search app build, available for devices running Android 4.1 or newer, to enjoy the spoils.
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