Google Now Blossoms, Delivers Cards From 40 Popular Third-Party Apps

If you haven't felt that compelled to take advantage of Google's 'Google' app (formally Google Now), its latest update might do well to whet your appetite. It at least does mine, and the only interaction I've had with the app up to this point is closing it because I launched it by mistake.

You see, as it stands today, the Google app supports Now cards driven by over 40 different apps, which are crafted by over 30 developers. The latest additions include Pandora, which can give you music recommendations, Duolingo, which can help teach you a different language, and The Guardian, which can keep you up-to-date on news that matters to you.

Google Now

I'll admit that I didn't even realize Google's Now cards fetched information from non-Google apps, which to me makes the service a little more intriguing. You can see a full list of supported apps here, with some that can help you find a perfect recipe quick, find a lift or accommodation, or keep up on the latest financial information.

Perhaps even more interesting than all of that to me is the fact that Now cards can read from a huge number of Gmail-related markups, including itineraries, booked services, and event information.

When Google Now originally launched, I felt like it was a service that wouldn't last too long (Google is infamous for pulling the plug on moderately successful services, after all), but with this update, I'm tempted to begin using it, and see if it grows on me. If you use the app, feel free to comment below to let us know what aspect of it you find the most useful.