Google Not Launching A Social Network

Google may still be considering a dive into the music realm, but they aren't considering going head to head with Twitter or Facebook, despite rumors. Google has shown in the past that they aren't scared to battle with the best. Google TV challenged the entire DVR model, and Android has obviously done well against iOS. And some were suggesting that Google Circles would be coming soon to get the company into the social networking game, which is hotter than ever these days.

The news emerged at the South by Southwest conference in Texas. Google’s Chris Messina, who was rumored as being one of the frontrunners to lead up Circles, confirmed that he didn't know what any of the rumors were about, essentially putting to rest any real hope that Google would be entering the social networking world. In fact, it was straight-out confirmed that Google had no interest in launching a social network: not today, not next year.

It's likely that Google will continue to integrate social networking into their products, and things like Latitude already keep tabs on what you're up to or where you're at so long as you opt-in. But at this point, attempting to rival Facebook just feels like a waste of energy, even if you're as mighty as Google.