Google "Nose" Beta Launched, Replaces The Scratch n- Sniff

Practical joke? Or practically planning for the future? Google has historically ushered in a few good pranks on 4/1 each year, and today is no different. Google Nose (in Beta, of course) is the latest joke, but perhaps the funniest bit is that it's actually based on technology that's very real. Smell-o-vision has been something of a holy grail in technology for a long, long time, with some cinemas even going so far as to test out the addition of select scents in movies to add to the realism. Of course, the negativity that surrounds certain smells has generally gone a long way to killing the whole idea, but hey, let's pretend for a moment.

Google Nose is seemingly ready to be built right into your next smartphone, and whenever you Google something with a smell, your display begins to emit the aroma. Google for "wet dog," and you'll get a whiff of Rover after a long day in the swamp. Google "blueberry pie," and you'll be salivating in seconds. It's just like Google Glasses, but with smell. Google promises that 15M+ scentibytes have already been uploaded, but there's no word on when the API will allow developers to upload their own. We're waiting, Google!