Google: No Telecom Ambitions At This Time

The company whose name is virtually synonymous with on-line searches has been rumored to be interested in getting into the telecom business for quite a while now.  Apparently that rumor may be more fascinating than the truth: Google has a need for speed that only fiber optics can fufill:

Google does have an abiding interest in bandwidth. Google's previous fiber optic cable purchases have been to connect its data centers and to "peer" with telecommunications companies. Google's peering arrangements help ensure that its traffic gets delivered in a timely manner to points where the network infrastructure can handle the load.

Google's taste for fiber to date has been mainly to keep its data moving through the pipes.

"We are expanding our network to interconnect our data centers (for example, to replicate our search index to all of our data centers sites) and to provide our users with the best and fastest service by peering with Internet service providers and telecommunications companies," Schnitt said. "Our connectivity needs are global, because we have users and data centers all over the world."

Well that certainly explains the recent news that Google was planning on building an undersea fiber optic line spanning part of the Pacific in '09, it still doesn't rule out the potential that Google might decide to open a telecom division sometime in the future.

What do you think?  Is Google a potential carrier for your future calls, perhaps using VoiP internally to decrease costs, or is this as simple as Google looking to expand before they hit bottlenecks down the road?

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