Google Nexus Q Shipments Delayed due to Software Issues, Preorders will be Free

When Google announced a boatload of new and exciting products and services at Google I/O earlier this summer, one oddball product that stuck out was the Google Nexus Q media streaming device. The black orb seemed to have dropped out of the clear blue sky, and its tentacle-like extremities were reminiscent of invaders from War of the Worlds.

Further, the price tag was $299, which seemed awfully high for what the thing supposedly did.

Nevertheless, people preordered the Q, but now according to multiple reports including the New York Times, Google is delaying shipments of the Nexus Q indefinitely due to software problems--or, more directly, user dissatisfaction with what the Q is capable of doing.

Google Nexus Q

The Q is an Android computer with an ARM Cortex 9 processor and Android 4.0 ICS on board, and it can stream HD media from the Google Play Store with the ability for you, friends, and family to control it or add to the media playlist via Android phone and tablets. Apparently, that’s not enough for beta users, who reportedly also weren’t keen on the interface.

If you preordered a Nexus Q and are now fuming about this frustrating delay, take heart: Google will send you your Q free of charge when it does become available.