Google Mystery Barge Booted From San Francisco Bay, May Be Homeless

The mysterious barge that Google has been renovating in San Francisco Bay is now without a home. There was an earlier report indicating that Google could be kicked out of its space for a smattering of regulatory reason, and according to CNET, that has indeed occurred.

Further, although initial reports indicated that the barge was going to move to a port in Stockton, the San Francisco Chronicle found that to be untrue. “There would have to be an agreement negotiated in advance of any vessel arriving at the Port of Stockton and that hasn’t happened,” Stockton port Executive Director Richard Aschieris told the paper. “We have many potential users or representatives of users contacting us all the time. It’s relatively easy to collect information on our facilities, but they will still have to eventually have to contact us and get an agreement in advance of arrival.”

Google barge
Credit: Josh Miller/CNET

It’s possible that Google has somewhere else to move the barge and that Stockton was never the intended destination, or it may be the case that some (probably now former) Googler forgot to file the correct paperwork for the barge project--again--which means that there’s no where for the thing to park legally.

This mystery barge is one of the weirdest stories we’ve been following. Supposedly the boat will be a showroom of sorts for Google products that can float around to different ports. Or it could be a massive art installation, or a private showroom just for high-end clients, or an interactive tech space for the masses, depending on who you ask.

For now, though, it’s just a barge without a port to dock in.