Google Music To Stream Tunes From The Cloud?

The real question is: what isn't Google planning to tackle? The company has evolved heavily since their beginnings as a search company, now dabbling in Internet, flight searches, FCC proposals, image searches, and probably a few things we're overlooking. And now, the company may just be ready to play ball in the same field as Rhapsody, Napster and iTunes.

According to a new report from All Things D, Google is actively searching (no pun intended) for a higher-up to run a music service business that doesn't actually exist yet. Unspecified sources have confirmed that Google has been speaking with numerous digital media executives in hopes of landing the perfect candidate, but as of now, no one has been hired. Of course, since the service isn't official to the public, the actual description of it remains behind closed doors.

But honestly, it's not too hard to dream. Google has a grip on searches already, and their fancy algorithms would probably have no trouble figuring out song recommendations based on those searches. It's somewhat difficult to know whether Google would be entering a subscription-based business (like Rhapsody) or a per-song business (like iTunes), but we could definitely see either (or both) scenarios playing out well for the company. The prevailing rumor now is that "Google Music" would be "a could-based streaming service," and we wouldn't be surprised if it's an integral part of the eventual Chrome OS.

And with Apple having a music-related event planned for September 1st, we'd say Google probably has all the more reason to hasten the search and get a move on before Steve Jobs steals away any extra market share.