Google Music Now Scans U.S. Libraries, Adds Music To The Cloud Automatically

Remember Google Music? That was Google's attempt to cut into the growing music streaming business prior to iTunes Match becoming a reality, but one has to wonder what kind of traction the service has had in the months since. Google has remaining mostly quiet on new features for Music, but there's a new update today that may make it more attractive for those sitting on the fence. Or, more likely, those who tried Google Music but haven't returned in a long while.

In Europe, Music already offered a feature called "scan and match," where Google could scan your music library and then make the songs it found available right away in your cloud, without an upload on your end. Now, it's coming to the U.S. Google has said that in time, it'll upgrade users with existing cloud libraries, and yes, the entire thing is completely free and automatic.

Of course, one has to wonder how many people are keeping massive local music libraries in an era where you can stream almost anything for under $10 a month, but if it's you, here's something to chew on.
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