Google Meet Is Getting A Big UI Overhaul And New Features To Battle Zoom

google meet gets new features to compete with zoom
We are in the thick of a pandemic, and, for the most part, people have transitioned online for work, school, and leisure. The main company in the teleconference space right now is Zoom, but it appears Google is trying to sneak up from behind and go for the takedown. Today, Google announced new ways for Google Meet to be more competitive overall.

Refreshed Design To Make Meetings Easier

move presentation google meet news
Later this month, Google will roll out a new and improved design to Google Meet with the hope of making it easier to view content and video feeds. Users will be able to move and pin different feeds in whatever orientation they need to feel most productive. Moreover, users will be able to hide their camera feed so they do not have to stare at themselves while talking, which can get obnoxious.

Improving Video Quality And Reliability

image quality google meet news
The biggest features in this category have already been introduced on mobile but are finally making their way to the web version of Google Meet. The handy low light mode was introduced last year on mobile to allow users to look their best while in suboptimal lighting conditions. This is coming to Google Meet in browser in the coming weeks, so you no longer have to deal with a glare.

Furthermore, Google is bringing AI-powered Autozoom to paid Google Workspace customers, so the current speaker is always in frame. This feature will roll out in the coming months, so you no longer have to worry about moving around while presenting.

New Backgrounds On Mobile And Web

video bg google meet news
Background replacement is essentially a standard feature for any video conferencing tool, but Google is taking it one step further. Google Meet will allow users to replace their background with a video rather than a static image on both mobile and web. Initially, people can expect three different video backgrounds, with more coming soon.

Looking ahead, the hope is that we will not have to use video conferencing tools. However, until that time, Google will make the best of it with new features in Google Meet. In any case, let us know what you think of Google Meet's new features in the comments below.