Free Google Meet Video Conferencing Offer Extended Following Surge In Work-At-Home Demand

google meet

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to pound the United States and world, people are still working and learning from home. Google has offered its G Suite for nearly a decade now, and part of that suite is a service called Google Meet, which is a video conferencing solution. Google offered Meet at no cost when people around the country had no choice but to work from home with shelter-in-place orders to help prevent the spread of coronavirus; that free offer has now been extended through September 30th.

Google says that Meet has helped millions of people stay connected to work, healthcare, banks, and more. Earlier this week, Google Meet hit a new milestone with more than 2 million new users connecting on Meet every day. Google says users are spending over 2 billion minutes together, which is more than 3,800 years of secure meetings in a single day.

Google admits that there is a "huge responsibility that comes with this growth," noting that it is doing its part to help. Google first offered the advanced Meet videoconferencing capability at no cost all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers last month. The search giant has now announced that it is extending availability for Meet at no cost through September 30, 2020.

Google wants businesses, organizations, institutions, and educators to know that they will be supported during the rough times we're all facing. Google is also bragging about another G Suite milestone with the service passing 6 million paying businesses and organizations earlier this year. Meet and G Suite both operate on Google's secure, resilient global infrastructure. Meet offers free users the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network Google uses to secure information and safeguard the privacy of users.