Google Me This, Google Me That...

Anyone who's been surfing the web long enough has probably run across some interesting figures relating to Google searches.  Examples of search results can range from comical easter eggs in Google, to intriguing search results that bring out the sociologist living in all of us such as the word porn returning more results than the word Jesus.

For those who are curious about what keywords are popular in various countries, here's a brief list:

“Germany, Mexico and Austria were world's top three searchers of the word "Hitler" while "Nazi" scored the most hits in Chile, Australia and the United Kingdom, data from 2004 to the present retrievable on the "Google Trends" Web site showed.
Chile also came in first place searching for the word "gay", followed by Mexico and Colombia.
The top searchers for other keywords were as follows (in order from first to third place):
"Jihad"--Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan
"Terrorism"--Pakistan, Philippines, Australia
"Hangover"--Ireland, United Kingdom, United States”

Sorry Paris Hilton, it looks like you're not as important as hangovers theses days.
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