Google Maps Updated with Glorious Street Views of The Grand Canyon

Google Maps has changed the way we navigate the world, whether it’s planning out a trip (or adjusting on the fly), using your smartphone to figure out where the dang ballet studio is, having a Street View look at the town you’re about to move to, and so on, and the service just keeps getting better.

This fall, Google announced that it was sending a team of Googlers to hike the Grand Canyon wearing backpacks called “Trekkers” (which weigh 40 pounds!) upon which are mounted 360-degree cameras (with a 15-lens system!), and apparently those people have been busy. Google announced that 75 miles of trails and roads in and around the Grand Canyon are now available for viewing.

Google Street View Grand Canyon

Google Street View Grand Canyon

Areas including the Bright Angel Trail, Kaibab Trail, Meteor Crater, and of course sections of the Colorado River are there for the clicking. As if we didn’t give you reason enough already today to procrastinate at work.

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