Google Maps Update Offers Routes With Ridesharing And Cycling Details

Google has announced an update to Google Maps this week that makes it easier for users to travel their first and last miles to their destination. Some commuters have complicated routes that involve multiple modes of transportation and thanks to the update, transit directions can be paired with biking and ridesharing options.

Google says that users can enter their destination into the search box, tap Directions and then tap on the Transit tab. Routes will automatically be shown that include ridesharing and cycling options paired with transit directions. Those who will be using a ridesharing vehicle will see information about those legs of the trip, like how much the ride will cost and how long the wait is.

maps rideshare data

Details offered include traffic along the route and when the bus or train users need to catch departs. Both Uber and Lyft rideshare options are offered, and ride options like pool or economy are offered as well. Those who are biking will see routes custom-tailored for cyclists along the way with details needed about that portion of the journey. All of the travel methods and details are factored into the total transit time. Google says that the transit directions paired with biking and ridesharing information will roll out in the "coming weeks" for Android devices and iOS in 30 countries. Additional countries will be coming soon.

Earlier this month, Google rolled out an update for Google Maps that added AR directions for walkers. That update brought overlays on the real world that point you along your path when walking. That update also brought with it new ways to find places to eat while on vacation and updates to Your Places, allowing users to have all their reservations for a trip in one place.