Google Maps Street View Team Capturing Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island

Google MapsStreet View has helped completely change how we’re able to see the world. Indeed, Street View makes navigation far easier than ever before, but it also allows us to see into places from the comfort of our own homes. For instance, there’s the “Skyfall” island in Japan, the Grand Canyon, and more, and the search giant is also now mapping Ellis Island and Liberty Island, site of the Statue of Liberty.

According to the New York Times, it’s taken a long time and a lot of complication to gain access to Liberty and Ellis Islands, both of which are operated by the National Park Service.

Street View Statue of Liberty
Credit: Michael Appleton/New York Times

“For the first time, Liberty Island will be available for people to explore through Street View in Google Maps,” Google’s Daniel Sieberg told the outlet. “So whether you’re a tourist or a New Yorker or someone who just wants to see it up close, in the coming months everyone will be able to take a tour of the island and appreciate the statue’s history and beauty in 360-degree imagery.”

Statue of Liberty
Credit: Michael Appleton/New York Times

It will take months to process the images captured this week, but soon enough we’ll all be able to experience one of America’s most important national landmarks as well as Ellis Island--the place where many of our recent ancestors landed in this country--thanks to Street View.