Google Maps Is Getting This Great Waze-Like Feature

Google Maps has been steadily adding new features to the app to give more functionality and match other offerings like Waze. One of the latest features that Google Maps added was speed limit indicators, but the catch was that initially those were only available in the San Francisco Bay area and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It appears that Google is now rolling the speed limit indicators out to other parts of the country.

g maps=speed

Reports from three different areas indicate that the speed limits were live on Google Maps. The three regions include New York City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota. There has been no official comment from Google on when the speed limits will roll out to other areas. With no Maps updates being published recently, this appears to be something that Google has enabled for users in some areas on its side.

This isn't the first time that Google has added Waze-like features to Maps. Last summer, Google Maps added incident reporting to show users when an accident has happened, or construction is underway that will impact their commute time. Google isn't exactly stealing ideas and tech from Waze; it owns Waze.

In October, Google Maps added some new features to help users deal with their daily commute in some areas. A commute tab appeared that offered single-tap access to live traffic and transit information that is relevant to the user's commute. That single tab gives a heads up for an accident or heavy traffic. Android users can get notifications about delays and disruptions as they happen. The update also brought more information on public transit times and for users with mixed mode commutes where they drive to public transport to finish a commute.