Google Maps Goes 8-Bit For April 1st

Take one look at the Google Calendar ahead of you. Yes, it's April 1st, and no one does April 1st better in the technology world than Google. Every single year, these guys spend a significant amount of time creating extremely clever jokes that usually make the collective tech universe smile. This year is no different. The joke this year surrounds an 8-bit version of Google Maps... for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Yeah, it's far-out, but it's so well put-together that it's impossible to ignore.

If you're throwing belief to the wind, the 8-bit version of Maps works with old school NES system, somehow connecting to the Internet, supporting voice search and using graphics that are easy to download on even the worst connection. Just have a look at the video, have a laugh and enjoy your April 1st Sunday.
Tags:  Google, Maps, funny