Google Maps Adds Handy New Features Including Robust Road Editing Tools

google maps adding new features to update locations
Google Maps is sometimes a godsend for frequent road travelers, but it can also be odd at times with random route miscues or occasional misinformation. In a time where digital information is paramount in getting things done, having access to quality and factual information about routes and businesses is important. Thus, Google is now allowing anyone with a Google Account to contribute local knowledge to Google Maps in three new ways.

Reviews And Updates Challenge

Typically, reviews of a business are a decent way to decide whether to take your business there or elsewhere. Moreover, reviews can provide information you may not have otherwise known, such as a specific dish being the best at a specific restaurant. To help foster these kinds of reviews, Google is implementing a nationwide review challenge on Android “to rally helpful reviews, photos and updates from sea to shining sea.” This “Local Love Challenge” has a goal to update 100,000 businesses around the U.S. with new information and reviews to help out prospective customers.

Photo Updates On Maps

google maps adding new features to update locations photos

For those who do not want to write out a review alongside a rating, Google is bringing something called Photo Updates to Google Maps. To learn more about a place or see what the crowd is like, people can snap a picture and upload it with a small caption for others to see. Google explains that in the coming weeks, as the update rolls out, users can “many photos as [they] want and find photo updates that others have left in the Updates tab.”

Draw New Roads

What is likely the biggest feature of the bunch is a new way to report road changes in an area using a “new, immersive desktop road editing tool.” If there is a road missing on Google Maps, users can click the side menu and navigate to “Edit the map,” and then select “Missing Road.” This will allow the user to “Add missing roads by drawing lines, quickly rename roads, change road directionality, and realign or delete incorrect roads.” To prevent people from misusing the tool, Google will review the submissions before publishing them, so every road does not become “Roady McRoadface” with a phallic-looking roundabout.

Overall, these should be incredibly handy features coming to more than 80 countries in the next couple of months. Google Maps, and the reviews hosted on the platform, will hopefully become more useful for those who want to find updated information about a place. In any case, let us know what you think of the new features in the comments below.