Google Looking To Hire Engineers Proficient in Microsoft Office

A few months ago, feathers were ruffled as it was noticed that Apple was hiring mapping engineers as if they were going out of style. Now, a similar fuss is being made over new job postings at Google. Recently, there has been much talk that Google's cloud-based Docs suite is eating into the Office empire built by Microsoft, and we're moving closer to a world where expensive document editing suites just aren't necessary. And now, it's getting clearer that Microsoft is on Google's radar in a major way.

Recently updated job postings at Google shows the company looking for hires that are very proficient in Microsoft Office programs, with Excel and PowerPoint being the two most important. Everything from a hire to help Google's board, to a specialist to work with YouTube, to a DoubleClick account manager Down Under -- each one cites Office proficiency as a requirement to handle the job. Of course, it's clear that each of these positions may need Office skills by default, but it's very interesting that Google would take something that could easily be assumed (ability to use Excel, for instance) and make it a clear part of the job.

A fancier version of Google Spreadsheets? Sure, we could get into that.