Google links Blogger to Friend Connect

Google's taken the next step in linking together all its services to make it an absolutely unstoppable force online as opposed to the virtually unstoppable force it currently is.

Google owns Blogger (in case you didn't realize this), and always had a follow feature where you could, from your Blogger page, follow all the blogs you wanted to on the system. The new service allows you to follow via Friend Connect, which makes it a lot more social. You'll be able to quickly see who among your friends already follows the blog and you'll be able to use your Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account to follow.

Bloggers who already have added Friend Connect don't have to do anything; Blogger migrated those accounts to Friend Connect.

If you don't want everyone on Friend Connect to see all the blogs you're following, you can turn off the public notification. And for all the bloggers already migrated to FC - they were all made anonymous unless you choose to go in and make them public. You can find out how to by clicking here.

There's a YouTube video (yeah, Google owns them, too) that shows how all this works, if it this all sounds like Greek to you. Unless you understand Greek, in which case if this all sounds like Russian to you.

Google and Blogger are also promising more steps in the integration that will involve commenting and OpenSocial gadgets.

And yet more evidence that Google is planning to take over the social networking world? They company announced all this on its new (this month) Social Web Blog.