Google's New Nest Smart Home Lineup Includes Cheaper Battery-Powered Cameras And Doorbell

google launches next gen of nest products
Google is looking to make home security cheaper and easier to setup using wire-free options, smart alerts, and enhanced privacy via a line of new next-generation of Nest Cams and Doorbell. With these new products, Google is taking a hard swing at Amazon with its Ring family of products.

Google Nest Cam

cam google launches next gen of nest products

Kicking things off is the next-generation Nest Cam, an indoor or outdoor camera that comes with a rechargeable battery. This wire-free solution allows you to put the camera wherever you may need it at a moment's notice. From keeping an eye on the kids inside or watching the front door for a delivery while you are away, you can move the camera by simply pulling it off the base and attaching it to a different magnetic base. If you wanted though, the camera could also be wired-in using a weatherproof cable as shown below.

wired battery cam google launches next gen of nest products

Besides the ease of use and installation, the Nest Cam provides a 24/7 live view with video up to 1080p/30FPS with HDR and night vision. There is also up to 3 hours of event-based video history (for free) and 2-way audio so you can check back on things you missed or interact with the person at your door. If you happen to want one of these, it starts at $179.99 and is available for preorder on Google's Store.

Google Nest Cam With Floodlight

flood google launches next gen of nest products

If you want to shed some light on a situation without using night vision, the Nest Cam with floodlights attached will do just the trick. While there are not many details on this device which is only said to be "Coming soon," it appears to be a new Nest Cam with two spotlights attached and will probably need to be hardwired to power. This will reportedly start at $279.99, but it may be cheaper to buy a Nest Cam and motion-activated floodlight from your local hardware store. Hopefully, we will find out more about this soon, however.

Nest Doorbell Battery Edition

doorbell google launches next gen of nest products

One of the biggest obstacles to having a smart doorbell is simply installing it if you live in a rental or somewhere that prohibits a doorbell change. Thankfully, Google may have solved this problem with the next generation of Nest Doorbell, which has a battery rather than requiring a power connection. Of course, you could still replace your doorbell as well, but either way would work nearly the same.

doorbellS google launches next gen of nest products

The video feed on the doorbell has a resolution of 960x1280 (HDR) at up to 30 FPS with support for 24/7 live view and night vision so you can see what is going on outside any time of day. Interestingly, this device is priced the same as the Nest Cam at $179.99, but represents a $50 discount over the wired version of the doorbell.

Having a camera or doorbell is good for seeing who is at the door and keeping an eye out for a delivery or shooing off solicitors at home. Now, Google has made things just a little easier with the new Nest security lineup.