Google Launches Movie Search Service For Mobile Devices

Those of you who plan to head out to the movies this weekend may be interested Google's new mobile version of its movie search service. The new mobile site is designed for use on various mobile devices including the Apple iPhone, Android devices, and Palm WebOS smartphones. The new search offering makes it easier for movie fans to plan their next theater trip while on the go.

To access the new mobile service, point your mobile Web browser to and search for movies. Tap the More Movies link and then browse to a list of movies or select the Theaters button to browse a list and view a map of theaters near you. The mobile listing of movies provides information about local show times as well as an option to watch a trailer for the movie. You can also view additional information about the movie such as movie ratings.

The movie search results are available in English for mobile devices in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Check out the demo video below for a better idea how the site works.