Google Jamboard 55-inch 4K Digital Whiteboard Takes On Surface Hub In Boardrooms

Google Jamboard Boardroom

Last month, Google renamed its popular "Apps for Work" suite of business tools to "G Suite", a simple naming scheme change that gave us the hint that other big things would be coming. Today, we get our first real taste of what's new with Google's own take on the boardroom whiteboard.

Google's interactive whiteboard is called Jamboard, and it tackles the likes of Microsoft's Surface Hub head-on. The goal isn't to simply display important information on the screen for everyone to see, but let people collaborate in real-time as they would with an actual whiteboard - we're talking drawing, writing numbers, pointing arrows to important details, and so on.

Google Jamboard Front and Back

While Jamboard would be used in the boardroom, its use would extend well beyond it. Users would be able to install the Jamboard app on their iOS or Android device and not just view what's happening in real-time, but be able to contribute themselves.

A huge goal here is ease-of-use, so the interactivity has got to be good. Fortunately, it looks to be, as Google says that users will be able to easily import data from other G Suite apps, or directly from the Web. All of the data made on Jamboard is stored in the cloud, and of course, that means that historical data could also be made use of.

As for Jamboard's actual tech specs, it's a 55-inch 4K monitor that has a built-in webcam, speakers, and Wi-Fi. What's not mentioned is the operating system, so don't expect this to run a full-blown Windows 10. This is a focused device, which is a good thing. If that sounds right up your company's alley, then expect to part with $5,000.

Jamboard isn't available right now, but it should be at some point in 2017. If you're interested in snatching one up, Google has a form to fill out so that you can be kept in the loop.