Google Is Negotiating With Television Networks

Networks may be blocking Google TV for now, but it should come as no surprise that Google is quickly working to try to negotiate with television networks in order to gain access to shows. According to Reuters, a source familiar with the matter said Google is actively negotiating with three television networks that have blocked access to their websites on Google TV.

As you'll recall, three of the nation's largest TV broadcasters have blocked the Web-based versions of their shows from being viewed through Google's Web TV service. Currently, Walt Disney Co (owners of ABC and ESPN), CBS, and NBC Universal are blocking access from Google TV. Fox has not yet decided whether or not it will block access to its shows.

Given the amount of ad revenue that Google could potentially gain from its TV service, the company certainly has some incentive to work with the television networks. As it currently stands, HBO has said it will offer access to hundreds of hours of its programming to existing subscribers through Google TV. Turner Broadcasting, which includes TBS, TNT, and CNN, has optimized some of its websites for Google TV.