Google Home Update Allows Music To Play Through Your Paired Bluetooth Speakers

There's no doubt that smart voice assistants like the Google Home Mini and Echo Dot are incredibly popular with consumers, and extremely useful for grabbing quick snippets of information or controlling our smart home devices. However, these small speakers aren't exactly known for their superior audio quality when it comes to music playback. Google is looking to change that with a Google Home update will allow you to control your third-party Bluetooth speakers.

To enable this functionality, you simply need to open the Google Home app, and proceed to device settings. You will then be able to pair your Google Home device with a compatible Bluetooth speaker (Bluetooth 2.1 or newer) and set it as your default audio device. You can even add multiple speakers to a group in the Google Home app, allowing you to enjoy multi-room audio.

Google Home Mini

Once you have a Bluetooth speaker connected, you can belt out voice commands as you normally would, and music will play from the [new] default audio device. "The music will automatically play on your Bluetooth speaker—without you having to tell Google the name of the device," writes Google Home Product Manager Surbhi Kaul.

"Turn on background music at dinner and have it follow you into the living room for dessert," Kaul continues. "Or catch up on your podcasts as you move room to room tidying up."

Until this functionality was enabled, the only way to "enhance" your audio experience with a Google Home device was to connect to a Chromecast-enabled speaker (which are few and far between).

It should be noted that Amazon brought similar functionality to its Echo family back in early 2017. Amazon’s Echo Dot also include a 3.5mm audio jack which make them more versatile when it comes to connecting with more potent audio hardware.