Google Hangouts GTalk Bug Could Be Painfully Embarrassing With Messages Sent to Wrong Contact

Imagine complaining to Cathy in accounting about what a jerk your boss Bob has been lately, but instead of Cathy receiving the inflammatory message on Google Talk, it gets delivered to Bob instead. Situations like that are why you should always double and even triple check the intended recipient. Unfortunately, a bug in Google's GTalk service could render all your careful planning moot.

There have been several reports of GTalk delivering messages to the wrong person. In some cases, messages are being delivered to people who aren't even on the sender's contacts list, and sometimes to multiple unintended recipients at once.


We suppose that's one way for Google to encourage users to drop its free instant messaging program and start using Google Hangouts instead. Google did acknowledge the problem and even appears to have resolved the issue, though it might be awhile before the glitch is totally eradicated.

"The issue has been resolved and all services are gradually returning to normal," Google said.

Between the issue with GTalk and the recent Gmail outage that may have affected as many as 212 million people, it's been a rough week for users of Google's services, and a busy one for the company's engineers.