Google Glass Dev Creates 'Winky', Snap a Photo and Look Creepy Doing It

Time was, a lecherous fellow could make strangers on the street feel uncomfortable by making eye contact and offering a little wink and a smile. Now, they can crank the creep-o-meter up several notches, because soon Google Glass wearers will be able to snap photos with that same saucy wink.

Google Glass developer Mike Giovanni announced that he’s developed Winky, an application for the specs that--all joking aside--makes it much easier for people to take photos. “You might not think it's hard to say ‘Ok, Glass Take a Picture’ or even just tap a button”, said Giovanni in a G+ post. “But it's a context switch that takes you out of the moment, even if just for a second. Winking lets you lifelog with little to no effort.”

Winky calibration
Winky calibration screen

One of Giovanni’s toughest challenges was getting around the fact that Google Glass will disable the wink feature if it’s a user build and it detects any winking, but he got around the problem by making the wink a higher priority in the system.

In the spirit of open source apps, he’s also made his Android source code available on GitHub, so any develop with Google Glass can tinker with his design.

So the next time someone wearing Google Glass winks at you in the street, know that you’re on camera. If you want to see Winky in action, check out Mike's video here.