Google Gboard Keyboard Makes Creating Reaction GIFs Easy As Pie


If you can't resist a good GIF, then why not make your own? There are different ways of doing that, and one of the easiest is to download Google's custom Gboard keyboard app. With a recent update to the iOS version, it's even easier to make your own GIF with Gboard, as Google has moved the the GIF creation button to the top-right corner of the keyboard, where it now sits in plain sight.

Previous to this update, some users might not have known the feature existed. It is sort of new, with Google having rolled out the ability to create GIFs in September. When it first arrived, Google buried the GIF creation button underneath the emoji button, which users had to long-press to access. That is still the case on Android, though probably not for long now that's been relocated on iOS devices.

Gboard GIF

Creating and sending a custom GIF is easy. Just tap on the button and start recording with either your phone's front or back camera. You have the option of recording a short 3-second "Loop" or a "Fast-Foward" GIF that allows you to record up to a full minute of goofy action, and then optionally speed up the playback. When you're finished recording your GIF, it copies to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it into your chat.

Is it game changing? Not hardly. But the button's new placement does mean you might see more of your friends and family members in ways you have not seem them before (for better or worse).

You can download Gboard for free on iOS here, and on Android here.