Google To Foster Sub-$50 Android Oreo Go Phones And Android One Initiative At MWC

Xiaomi Mi A1

The mobile industry's largest trade show is now right around the corner, with Mobile World Congress (MWC) getting underway in Barcelona on Monday. There will be lots of goodies unveiled and announced. As always, Google will have a presence at the trade show. Google's primary focus will be on its Android Oreo (Go edition) platform, and with that in mind, the company says we will see the first set of Android Oreo (Go edition) phones at the event.

Android Oreo (Go edition) is a cut down and optimized version of Android Oreo. Google designed the lighter weight mobile operating system for entry level smartphones with just 1GB of RAM or less. These phones have a smaller amount of storage to work with, and also less processing power to throw at tasks. The upshot is that they are cheaper to manufacturer and therefore cost less, some of them going for less than $50. Android Oreo (Go edition) gives these low cost handsets a platform they can handle.

"With Android Oreo (Go edition), these phones are able to provide a high-quality experience, with the latest version of Android, Google Play Protect, and dedicated areas in Google Play highlighting apps optimized for Go edition. Android Oreo (Go edition) phones also include a set of apps from Google that are designed to use less memory and storage space, but still offer excellent experiences... Starting next week, you’ll see the first set of Android Oreo (Go edition) phones, and soon after they’ll be available for you to purchase," Google said.

As part of this ongoing plan, Google resurrected its Android One initiative. The idea is to partner with local manufacturers to build affordable handsets and then commit to supporting them with updates for 18 months. Google laid out list of what users can as a result of its Android One program:
  • Faster access to Android OS updates for two years, including the latest AI innovations from Google.
  • Amongst the most secure devices in the ecosystem with regular security updates for three years and Google Play Protect built in.
  • A simple, streamlined interface that includes the best of Google services including YouTube, the Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos and more.
  • Performance-tested hardware so you can pick the right device for your needs and know that it will deliver a best-in-class experience for years to come.

It all sounds good in theory; we will have to wait and see how it all shakes out in practice. A large part of that will depend on exactly what kind of Android Oreo (Go edition) devices are unveiled at MWC next week.