Google Fiber to Light Up Shawnee, Kansas

After starting out in Kansas City, Google has looked to grow its gigabit Google Fiber networks sometimes in leaps (Austin, TX and Provo, UT) and sometimes in steps (adding Kansas City, MO to Kansas City, KS). The latest announcement that Google is planning to light up Shawnee, KS is the latter.

In a blog post, Google announced that the Shawnee City Council voted to bring Google Fiber to the smallish town, which is a western suburb of Kansas City. Google didn’t give a particularly compelling reason for adding Shawnee--other than a half-hearted bit about how the city has kept its citizens informed via a spiffed-up new website--but it’s not surprising that Google is gradually inching its way outward from the initial Kansas City fiberhoods.

Shawnee, KS

There’s no timeline, nor even an estimate, for when service will reach Shawnee; Google has a lot of “planning and engineering” work yet to do before they can reasonably offer a target date. It’s also unclear if Shawnee will get Google Fiber before or after the other Kansas locales already in the pipeline, which include North and South Kansas City, Westwood and Westwood Hills, Mission Woods, and Olathe.