Google Fiber Slow March East Continues: Gladstone, Missouri Next

Google Fiber really seems to be picking up steam. After somewhat unexpectedly lining up Austin, TX and Provo, UT, Google has gradually begun adding fiberhoods adjacent to and near the initial Google Fiber launch site in Kansas City, including Shawnee, Kansas and Grandview, Missouri.

Google announced the next fiberhood, which will be in Gladstone, Missouri after the city council there voted to bring the gigabit Internet service to town. Google did not announce a timeline and as usual stated that it will take some time to plan out, engineer, and execute the rollout in a new location.

Gladstone, MO

This marks the second town in Missouri to be added to the Google Fiber queue; it will be interesting to see if Google stops planning rollouts once communities extend too far outside of larger cities or if it will simply trot down route 70 and light up all the smaller towns on the way to St. Louis.

In any case, we’d like to stop hearing (and talking) so much about which cities are slated for Google Fiber service and instead hear that these cities are officially lit up. Let’s get moving here, Google.